Impactful Customer Video Testimonials

Double C Canvas - Being Transparent

When it comes to customer video testimonials you want customers that have something specific to say.

One of the best weapons are your existing customers. Put them in front of the camera to testify to their great experience with your company.

Outlaunched - Amazing Results

Excerpt of a customer giving her testimony about the excellent results she received.

This customer testimonial validates the results achieved by Outlaunched and how thankful they are to them for a job well done.

ioVista - The Big Picture

This customer is providing her testimony about the great service delivered by her service provider.

There are some things that sounds better coming from customers. They can say things that you can't. That's the power of customer testimonials.

testimonials build credibility

Series of Customer Testimonials

One of the greatest things that testimonials do is build your credibility.  A great way to do that is with a series of video with customers confirming their experience and results with the great service or products you delivered.  When prospects engage your sales staff you want them to already have confidence in your product.

AutoWeb Expo - Form a Connection

This is one customer video testimonial in a series of testimonies for one company.

When building credibility you need multiple people testifying to their experience with your business. Several customers testifying proves consistency.

AutoWebExpo - Authenticity Matters

This is video 2 in a series of customer video testimonials for one customer.

Customer authenticity is important. When customers come across as transparent and honest that is when you win your audience over.

AutoWebExpo - Beautiful Cars

Happy customer giving their video testimonial.

Are your customers raving about you? Let them share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

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