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Connecting Socially

There are many different approaches you can take when it comes to your online social media platforms.  The most important aspect of it is that you give your audience something that is useful, interesting or entertaining to them. We specialize in creating custom video content.  

As a business, your objective is creating video content for your audience not the world.  Here are a few basic examples of talking to your target market.

Social Media Video Examples

Joe's Dirty Balls

Joe's Dirty Balls restaurant dish

 On social media an interesting name is a great way to get attention. Take Ellen's Dirty Balls for example. It's automatic to want to find out what it is. 

Corporate Values


Videos on your social platform is a great way to distribute content audience. Whether internal or external it is the most efficient distribution method.

Corporate Values

PCI CEO discussing one of their 5 values.

Maybe you have an internal audience.  If so, social media is a great place to communicate your beliefs and all sorts of information for your associates.

Disseminate Information

Vegetables have protein in them.

Social media your platform. Populate it  with useful information. In this example, the benefits of getting your protein from vegetables.

Business Logic

Social media video talking about business.

Social media is a great place to demonstrate your expertise, build your brand and, audience. Leverage your expertise and keep the information flowing.

Have a Little Fun

Associates welcoming new associates.

Sometimes it's just about having a little fun. This short video is welcoming the new team after an acquisition.  Just funnin'!

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